Glasgow Research and Consulting offers financial, vendor and legal due diligence services in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the MENA countries. There is an exhaustive list of possible issues in the legal due diligence procedure. Additional questions may be required for specific industry mergers and acquisitions, while smaller transactions may require fewer questions. We help clear the air by providing M&A transaction advisory services to both parties. Our due diligence services include but are not limited to:

  • Financial and taxation due diligence to identify risks such as unrecorded liabilities
  • Commercial due diligence to address the viability of the target business
  • Other due diligence areas such as HR, insurance etc.
  • Ensuring the deal is appropriately structured
  • Ensuring the target business is worth what you’re prepared to pay for it
  • Providing you with a final report

M&A transactions that go through financial due diligence service and advisory give you a better chance of success. With our mergers and acquisitions support services, both parties will have a clear mind on the transactions and decisions to be taken.

From the seller’s point of view, M&A transaction support and accounting services are necessarily done to establish credibility. Due diligence can also bring tangible benefits to the seller, as a thorough financial examination may reveal that the fair market value of the seller’s company exceeds the initial value. 

Therefore, often, we on behalf of clients/ sellers prepare reports on the results of vendor, financial and legal due diligence on the M&A transaction and accounting before potential transactions, so as not to sell the company below market.