Glasgow Research and Consulting conduct concept and project testing for clients that will assess the client’s market entry concept and enable them to predict the conclusive result of their proposed product or service early in the process. Whether the client is in the early stages of vetting new products, redesigning a marketing campaign, launching a new logo, or starting a loyalty program, we always advise on testing the project concept. By doing so, we assist our clients in measuring the demand, appeal, and uniqueness of their business proposition.

With consumer trends changing more rapidly, the risk of investing resources into developing a business plan or an idea that’s already out-of-date is too costly. Instead, we help you build a successful product or experience, making sure that your ideas resonate with your current or prospective customers. With our concept and project testing service provision, we can uncover profound insights such as:

  • Whether the client should continue to develop their market entry dynamite idea.
  • Whether the client has an idea or business plan that will be a game changer in the market, or only popular with a niche following.
  • The competitive value of the client’s project testing & concept’s features and benefits
  • If there is anything that will block the client from fully developing the concept in their market entry strategy.
  • If there are consumer /market benefits the client didn’t originally anticipate.
  • How the client can optimize their marketing messages and identify the best channels to use for their market entry or market sizing decision.