“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.” Glasgow Consulting and Research conducts customer satisfaction surveys to measure how satisfied or happy the customer is with a product, service or specific point of interaction. In this sense, we ask if the product or service has met with their expectations, met their needs, and if issues have arisen, have they been resolved. We deploy a number of traditional and innovative techniques and resources to build our own diverse and extensive panels worldwide.

The methods of recruitment adopted by Glasgow Consulting and Research ensure a wide respondent pool to conduct surveys that aim towards delivering the highest quality data. Satisfaction helps you:

  • How likely a customer is to recommend your product or service.
  • A great way to explore service levels across different teams or areas of a business from customer service right through to billing and accounts
  • It can highlight service areas that require training or extra resources.

Customer satisfaction survey solutions in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and MENA region helps our client to find what areas of their business require improvement. CSS solutions can help to gain insight into what your customers are looking for and expect and also provide the opportunity to address any concerns they may have. Regardless of the size of your business, CSSs are an important tool for determining if your standards are in line with the service you provide to your customers.

As a customer satisfaction survey consulting firm, we advise our clients to conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys which will allow them to respond to any issues and improve customer loyalty. This in turn will improve the company’s revenue stream.