Employee satisfaction is usually measured with an employee satisfaction survey that covers the basic needs and concerns of the employees. Glasgow Research and Consulting has conducted several ESSs for our clients in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the MENA region. Our surveys have delved deep into areas such as compensation, workload, teamwork, employees’ perception of the management, resources and more. Whether it’s about work-life balance, their professional work and growth in the organization, a particular task, or even just an update on how they’re feeling, being listened to means they feel valued, and team surveys provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn and implement their insightful and meaningful feedback.

These are all important areas to a company that wants to keep its employees happy and reduce turnover. But it is not only the client that benefits from measuring employee satisfaction — the employees do, too. They get to make their voice heard and also feel that they are important to the company and that their opinion matters.

As an employee satisfaction survey consulting firm, we will conduct the employee satisfaction survey giving you data on whether you have a high level of employee satisfaction or not.