Glasgow Research and Consulting is a UAE-based leading B2B market research and consulting firm with offices around the Middle East and Africa. Our zeal for delivering high quality, relevant and actionable data has made us a specialist in conducting global business-to-business research. We have delivered projects in more than 40 countries mobilising our teams on the ground and leveraging our extensive network of local experts and researchers. Our clients have extensively benefited from our wide range of research methodologies and competitive intelligence that are tailor-made to focus on their needs.

Our research covers everything from brand perception, product fit, customer service requirements, financial modelling, sales and marketing strategies, and so much more. With our transparent approach, we welcome and encourage our clients to get involved and share feedback throughout the research process. 

Our B2B market research assessment in GCC and the MENA region involves taking samples of our client’s market entry target audience and understanding their motivations and preferences. By researching how our client’s potential audience thinks, feels, and behaves, the strategic planning for attracting the client’s target market becomes more effective.

Not only that, but once our client has the potential customers on board, they won’t risk creating an experience gap where the customers aren’t getting what they expect. We constantly endeavor to help our clients achieve an effective operating model to deliver their organizational strategy. Our client will be better able to predict future trends and tackle them on time from the feasibility studies done by our B2B Research Company team in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the MENA countries.