Glasgow Research and Consulting focuses on delivering impactful, insightful and innovative research that fulfils the needs of our clients and supports them to expand and grow. Whether in automotive and mobility, industrial and manufacturing, Food and Beverage or other industry sectors, the customer is the core of the company, and it becomes imperative to understand them. By performing market analysis, often called customer analysis, we offer data & insights on how to get well acquainted with potential customers /consumers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the wider MENA region by:

  • Assisting organizations with settling on better business choices and increasing preferences against their rivals through consumer research
  • Helping our clients settle on various key and strategic choices by recognizing and fulfilling their needs through our consumer research findings
  • Giving experiences that help control the making of a field-tested strategy, incorporate new business and marketing strategies, advance existing strategies, and propound focused strategies to target new business sectors
  • Figuring out which part of the populace will be well on their way to buying an item, given factors, such as age, gender, and salary level
  • Observing how purchasers talk and consult about the products in the market and recognize which customer needs are significant and whether current items are meeting these necessities

With our viable consumer research and statistical surveying, the client can increase priceless data about their rivals, monetary movements, socio-economics, current market patterns, and their clients’ spending attributes.