Scenario planning and cost-rationalization project coordination services sit at the heart of our risk management process and philosophy. We offer forecasting and scenario planning services in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the MENA countries as “The process of visualizing what future conditions or events are probable, what their consequences or effects would be like, and how to respond to, or benefit from them.” We ensure that our forecasting and scenario planning service takes into consideration past events, as well as events that are currently being monitored as probable disruptions. When working with scenario planning, we focus on those risks where the consequence is high and provide our clients with data to distinguish risk events from the structural supply chain vulnerability and impact.

Forecasts on the other hand attempt to predict the future; therefore, it is necessary that the forecast and analysis is expressed in appropriate values and in time periods which are appropriate to the task. 

A forecast and scenario planning result service can never be absolutely correct except by coincidence given that the future is always uncertain. It is usual, therefore, to qualify a forecast. Different predictions could be given, based on different assumptions or there could simply be an upper and lower limit either side of the best estimate. Our extensive work in scenario and forecast planning ensure the finished forecast is supported by a description of the underpinning assumptions and their effect.