Our mystery shopping service provision team in the Middle East and Africa will help you to better understand the experience of your customers. The field-based mystery shopping market research carried out by our independent auditors will gather information about the quality of your organizations/ business service delivery and product. Whether you are new to mystery shopping or wish to refresh your existing mystery shopping program, we are here to help and guide you through the whole process. We operate throughout all market sectors.

The mystery shopping research conducted by Glasgow Consulting and Research presents a comprehensive analysis on competitive intelligence and objective opinion of your business by evaluating service delivery and professionalism of your business’s employees.

This in turn allows you to appraise the customer service provided by your company to understand its strong and weak sides. The results will show the professional skills of your employees: their attitude towards customers, knowledge about the product or service, and whether they follow the standards that the company has set.

Mystery shopping market assessment can also be applied not only to your own business but can also be used to make an objective evaluation of your competitors, their product, and service delivery quality. Later on, the results of this feasibility study and research can be used for comparisons and benchmarking for competitive and market sizing intelligence decisions. With our impeccable quality, we are delivering our mystery audit services, to our clients in UAE, Saudi Arabia and North Africa.