Glasgow Research and Consulting offers a range of global services for protecting intellectual property (IP) across borders, and for resolving IP disputes outside the courts in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the MENA countries. IP protection is a complex legal area and getting help from a professional firm is the best way.

Businesses and innovators need easy, cost-effective ways to protect their inventions, their brands, and their designs in multiple countries. Whether you are a multinational business or an individual, our intellectual property services provide you with a fast, efficient and cost-effective route for protecting your inventions, trademarks or designs across borders.

Intellectual property is of significant concern to people who are starting up their own ventures/businesses. IP results from intellectual creative processes and in today’s world may exceed the value of a physical property such as machines and buildings. In the present global economy protecting intellectual property from infringement has become of utmost importance. We can help you to protect your product, brand, and reputation. 

Intellectual property can be classified into following 4 categories:

  • Trademark – this includes trade name, service, products and Logo.
  • Copyrights – all types of creative work which includes – art, literary work and music.
  • Patent – registration of patent in case of innovation/invention, Process.
  • Trade secret – processes, codes.