Glasgow Research and Consulting offers IPO support in UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC and the MENA countries. We ensure a smooth transition to the public equity marketplace by offering our IPO consulting services to prepare private companies for success in the public markets.

Choosing to raise capital through an initial public offering is a transformative event for a company’s board of directors, management team and employees that brings with its organizational change, broadened constituencies, numerous reporting requirements and new demands on executives’ time. Whether a company has recently decided to go public or has already selected its underwriters, the period leading up to an IPO involves a great deal of planning, coordination and preparation.

Glasgow Research and Consulting has the complete experience on IPO process and services to support each step of the process. Typically, our IPO support consulting involves formulating positioning, messaging and metrics; making critical decisions about reportable metrics, guidance and other disclosure issues; road-testing the investment thesis; assisting in determining the syndicate; preparing for the IPO roadshow and establishing a best-in-class IR infrastructure.