Innovation Scouting

Through our innovation consulting and new product consulting services, we offer clients a comprehensive set of methodologies, tools and frameworks which maximize process efficiency and effectiveness, including “real time” pilot programs.

Our goal is to develop market driven concepts and an optimized process, customized to the clients’ needs.

Innovation Process & Enablers Issues

  • What are the strengths and improvement opportunities of the current new business development process?
  • Where do the greatest process improvement opportunities lie (i.e., strategic direction setting, screening, commercialization, etc.)?
  • What unmet needs or friction points exist in the category today? How can these translate into innovation sparks to fuel new product development success?
  • Has market research been fully leveraged to identify business opportunities and increase brand and business equity?
  • What best practices improvement opportunities exist, including co-location of cross functional teams, stage gate process adherence, new product and service screening, etc.?

The strongest brands and businesses result from a disciplined alignment of initiatives against marketplace requirements.  With the new product or growth strategy established, the customer value proposition is necessary to link the product offering to business strategies.

Customer value proposition development employs similar consulting steps as new product development, though is extended to include a broader set of benefits. When fully defined and delivered upon, the value proposition offers the following benefits:

  • Creates a multi-dimensional definition of brand value
  • Provides direction to the business and brand – by identifying and owning those benefits on which category decisions are made
  • Forces a disciplined approach to resource allocation
  • Drives strategies and actions across the organization