As a market entry strategy consulting firm, we help our clients in all aspects of designing a market entry strategy roadmap for their company. From initial market overview to implementation, with every step backed up by concrete market intelligence & market entry, Glasgow Research and Consulting has successfully helped organizations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, other GCC and the greater MENA Region. We provide full solution market entry strategy, business plans, & consulting solutions.

We help companies to successfully complete entry projects in the MENA Region. This was made possible owing to our expertise in: 

  • Market and consumer research
  • Our understanding of local business models
  • Our knowledge of growth strategies that really work
  • Business Plans in UAE and Saudi Arabia & the greater MENA region
  • Market entry strategy in the GCC countries

Our carefully designed go-to-market strategy proposals assist in overcoming challenges and enable the capitalization of new opportunities. We help clients understand the complexities of their new market, seek out suitable business partners in the local area, and objectively assess their own capabilities. Ultimately, we partner with our clients to select the optimal mode of entry considering multiple business scenarios and map out an effective investment journey.

With the immensity of our experience in market entry strategy, we ensure that the process is structured to answer all the needs of our clients. We begin by carrying out an extensive market potential evaluation for our client’s product, and suggesting to drop or adapt products/services for the new market. Our team assists with location evaluation, investment and cost analysis, arranging site visits, land acquisition, developing a local leadership team, business process design, IP and technology protection and much more.