Project Description

Market Assessment for a Planned Jumbo Tissue Paper Rolls Unit in Sultanate of Oman

  • Owing to new infrastructural developments, Oman is currently experiencing a surge in MICE tourism. Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, which was inaugurated in 2017, will be a key driver for the MICE industry. India has been a major focus area for Oman’s MICE tourism sector. Various workshops with the tour operators, meetings with wedding planners and MICE agents are regular activities carried out in India to promote tourism in Oman
  • In 2016, the Government of Oman released its 25-year National Tourism Strategy (NTS) to help develop travel-related infrastructure across the country. The key aim is to boost annual international arrival numbers from 2.6m in 2015, to 5m in 2020 and 11.7m by 2040. The use of tissue paper products is expected to increase on the back of the growing tourism in the country
  • Strategic location, cheap natural gas, good diplomatic relations, Sohar Port and innovation are the critical success factors. Key risks for new entrants in the Oman jumbo tissue rolls industry include presence of established brands, regulatory concerns and high capital requirement to set up manufacturing plant
  • The country is closer to major GCC markets such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are the major consumers for tissue paper products. It has vast and abundance of energy sources which provides cheap energy cost for manufacturing. Custom duty on machinery, equipment and raw material imported for manufacturing purposes is exempted
  • The country is in an increasingly hostile regional situation, with worsening conditions in Yemen, constituting a direct threat to its internal security. Environment regulations can hinder the paper & pulp products industry in the region

Table of Content:

Market Status and Supply Side Considerations

  • Growth trends in the Paper tissue market in Oman
  • Growth in consumer market and trends
  • Government support and initiatives
  • Estimate a universe of (total estimated supply) of Tissue paper manufacturing factories in Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and KSA.
  • Their uptake (purchase) of raw material quantities per annum, draw estimates as per research.
  • Where are there currently procuring their raw material.
  • Price estimate of raw material procurement and selling price.
  • Profile four competitors (in total) for raw material suppliers in these countries, one per country
  • Facilities and product features (product value chain) on offer in the market.
  • Logistics – warehousing, delivery timelines and supply chain methodology.
  • Major clients, and products sold
  • Other features of their operation such as when established, proportion of domestic and export sales, expansion plans, raw materials import sources etc.
  • USP’s and product strengths
  • Expansion plans, as may be available

Demand Side Considerations

  • Demand trend in the market in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and KSA
  • Current supplier used; satisfaction levels with products and services
  • Demand and supply estimates
  • Need gaps, particularly for superior products.
  • Price considerations

Financial Analysis 

  • Develop P&L for the next 5 years.
  • Co-develop the key assumptions underlying the financial projections.
  • Develop financial projections illustrating the potential performance (i.e. indicative profit and lost and cash flow statements).
  • Calculate key investment indicators such as IRR, NPV and PP.
  • Critical success factor and risks to entry
  • Differentiating and marketing strategies
  • SWOT analysis