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Market Assessment of Wooden Joinery & Furniture Market in Saudi Arabia

  • Doors among the joinery products had highest growth rate of 15%-20% between 2015 and 2020. Also, it has been projected that the growth rate of doors in the next five years would lie between 10% and 15%, which is majorly due to the requirement of doors in nearly all type of construction projects. Followed by doors, office and kitchen furniture have been the most promising segments in joinery business in Saudi Arabia, with a growth rate of about 12%-13% and 10%-15% between 2015 and 2020, respectively
  • As per the projections based on primary interactions with the industry experts, the growth of these two segments are expected to cross 10%-15% in the next five years, mainly due to the demand arising due to urbanization and globalization resulting into increased office construction in the Kingdom
  • Value chain of joinery market has multiple contributors that are responsible to provide final product to the end-customer; However, in order to achieve competitive edge in the market, the manufacturers are advised to implement backward integration, or to have diverse supply base (of raw material) to avoid supply risk
  • Joinery market has predominantly driven by the increasing demand from growing commercial building and large residential projects in the Kingdom. Thus, it is recommended that that client should look forward for strategic long-term partnership with major property development companies in the Kingdom
  • Client is recommended to focus on wood-based joinery products to target their customers, as wood is the most preferred and demanded material in this market. However, client should also consider that owing to the surplus of wood-based joinery products in the market, there is a high competition, primarily based on price.

Table of Content:

Overview and Genesis of KSA Furniture Market

Market Sizing and Segmentation of KSA Furniture Market:

  • By Contract and Retail Sales
  • By Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and other Segments
  • By Organized and Unorganized Sector
  • By Residential Furniture on the Basis of Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture and another segment

Saudi Arabia Home Furniture Market Segmentation by Living Room Furniture (Sofa, Sofa cum Bed, Television Sets, Coffee Table and Center Table)

Trade Scenario for KSA Furniture market on the basis of Export and Import (Value, Volume and Major Destinations)

Trends and Developments in KSA Furniture Market

Issues and Challenges in KSA Furniture Market

Government Role and regulation in KSA Furniture Market

SWOT Analysis of KSA Furniture Market

Competition Scenario of KSA Furniture Market

  • Competitive Landscape of Major Organized offline Stores for KSA Furniture Market

Company Profile for Major Players in KSA Furniture Market

  • Al-Abdulkader Furniture Company Ltd
  • Almutlaq Furniture
  • Riyadh Furniture Industries
  • Al-Jedaie Fabrics and Furniture Co
  • Saudi Modern Factory
  • Al Aamer Furniture

Snapshot on Saudi Arabia Online Furniture Market

  • Future Market Sizing and Segmentation for KSA Furniture Market on the Basis of
  • By Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and other Segments, 2025
  • By Organized and Unorganized Sector, 2025
  • By Residential Furniture on the Basis of Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture and other segments, 2025

Recommendations and Suggestions