Several mystery shopping exercise for banks and financial institutions in the UAE2017-10-17T01:02:18-04:00
Several business sentiment surveys for government and private agencies in the UAE2017-10-17T01:02:17-04:00
UAE retail sentiment survey (large private equity house)2017-10-17T01:02:14-04:00
Field research with consumers – money transfer operator consumer survey- UAE2017-10-17T01:02:13-04:00
Market for Islamic trade finance products in the MENA region2017-10-17T01:02:07-04:00
Primary research of households in the Emirate of Sharjah as part of the Planning of Urban Social Services and Infrastructure project in Sharjah2017-10-17T01:02:05-04:00
Consumer research and mystery shopper exercise across one the largest leisure destinations in the UAE2017-10-17T01:02:04-04:00
Outbound study – Travel habits and preferences of the GCC leisure traveller for a prominent National Tourism Board2017-10-17T01:01:43-04:00
Consumer behaviour research study with “diners” in Dubai, UAE2017-10-17T01:01:08-04:00
Field research with consumers – money transfer operator consumer survey in UAE2017-10-17T00:59:38-04:00
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