Project Description

Market Assessment of Kids Play Areas in UAE

  • Admissions (regular hourly pay rates, memberships, etc.), birthday parties, events and food café are the main source of revenue for kids’ entertainment center in the UAE. In addition, other revenue streams such as rental service, classes, salon and playgroups can also add significant revenue for the center
  • UAE Kids Entertainment Centres Market is growing owing to the changing living standards, rising disposable income among the Emirati nationals and Expats, and the presence of activities for the entertainment of all ages at an affordable cost is escalating the popularity of indoor entertainment systems
  • Reem Mall is expected to be one of the largest malls in the UAE. Reem Mall is in the vicinity of several popular tourist and local attractions, a high potential area for Play Area. Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Tarif Al Ain highway, Reem Island and Galleria Mall are main sites kids’ edutainment spaces that should explore for the outlet
  • The ability to attract customers, location, development of the differentiated brand, and other revenue sources are key critical success factors for kids’ entertainment center in the UAE.
  • Key concept promotion and promotion of events/parties/classes experience are the key themes client should follow in its marketing strategy

Table of Content:

Industry Overview

  • UAE Kids entertainment overview in Malls
  • Types of kids’ concepts
  • Key market outlook including challenges

Competitor Assessment – Kids Play area concept

  • Year of establishment, number of locations (locations closed if any)
  • Play area size and segments
  • Type of licensing
  • Area, facilitates and product
  • Staffing levels, shifts, etc.
  • Target area and age category market
  • Strength of the business model
  • Analysis of the client segment and profile
  • Typical revenues per day (week day and week end) and monthly
  • Typical investment (lease amount, lease terms, capex number (as may be available from the operator), etc.)

Location Analysis and Conclusions

  • Recommended locations, level and size for the play area
  • Other revenue streams for the venture
  • Organization chart and staffing levels
  • Key considerations
  • Critical success factor and risks to entry
  • Differentiating and marketing strategies
  • SWOT analysis