Retail Catchment Area and Consumer Analysis for an Upcoming Mall in Dubai, UAE2024-03-19T08:33:13-04:00
Market Study of the Residential, Office, Retail and Hotel Market in Karbala, Iraq2024-02-15T13:28:29-04:00
Aerospace Sports Market Assessment in Jordan2024-02-19T11:17:59-04:00
Market Assessment of Kids Play Areas in UAE2023-12-19T06:37:04-04:00
Market research in tourism, hospitality, education and real estate sectors in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia2017-10-17T01:01:48-04:00
High-level market and financial study for a proposed 3 star hotel in Djibouti2017-10-17T01:01:45-04:00
Several outbound tourism studies (mix of b2b and b2c research) for various global, regional and national tourism agencies2017-10-17T01:01:44-04:00
Outbound study – Travel habits and preferences of the GCC leisure traveller for a prominent National Tourism Board2017-10-17T01:01:43-04:00
Consumer and trade feedback study to ascertain demand for an destination management company in UAE2017-10-17T01:01:40-04:00
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